top 2016 moments

After ringing in the New Year a few days ago, I have taken a good look back at 2016 and I am overwhelmed with how many amazing experiences I have had. It has been a truly incredible year and I have a feeling this next one is going to be even better. Here are some of my fave memories from this 2016...

I was able to live out my dream of going to Paris with my best friend and I snorkeled with dolphins with my family in Hawaii. I started working out and fell in love with Pure Barre. I got my first real job. I had an amazing internship and had a great last year in my sorority. I went to John Oliver live with my boyfriend on New Years Eve and laughed my butt off. I passed accounting...enough said. I had the best winter break of my school career. All I can say, is that was one good year!

xoxo, Raquel

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