spring cleaning – laptop edition

Spring cleaning is not something I usually participate in (ok, I never do) but ever since I got a real laptop I have been focused on keeping it cleaned up! It may sound weird, but having a cluttered computer can get super overwhelming, especially if you are using it for multiple things! I currently use my MacBook for school, several freelance work projects, and my blog...so keeping everything organized is a must! Here are 5 tips I have using to combat the clutter!

* clean out your email subscriptions

Is anyone else guilty of just deleting unwanted subscription emails right when they pop up instead of just taking the extra five seconds to unsubscribe from them?? I definitely am! I have always been a little obsessive about emails (I have three different accounts) and I can't stand seeing a large inbox number! The other day I decided that I was finally going to take the time to remove my name off some lists! I thought there was going to be at least a handful...but omg. I think I unsubscribed myself from over 20 different places! There were some from places that I signed up to get a coupon, ones from buying Christmas presents for other people, and stores I never even shop at! Getting rid of all those seriously made me feel better. It may sound crazy but it was a relief to get rid of them!

* change up your background 

This isn't really a clutter control tip, but changing up the background on my computer always makes me excited...it's the little things. My absolute favorite laptop backgrounds are from Evelyn Henson. She makes paintings for a living and always adds free downloads that she's created on her blog. Let me just say, they are so fun! I just changed mine to the flamingos and I am obsessed! Check out her spring backgrounds here. And if you are super into organizing, you may also put all your apps on the desktop bar in rainbow order...too carried away? Possibly 😉

* delete unused apps

This may seem like an obvious one, but I know that I always leave unused apps on my phone and computer way too long! Some of them tend to take up more space than needed, so getting rid of them can free up some space. You can always download them again if needed in the future. If I haven't used something for at least a month, I usually get rid of it!

* clean up downloads and folders 

If there is any tip out of all of these that I would recommend the most, I think this one is the most important! From the time I bought my laptop, I have uploaded and downloaded so many things so I try to keep them as organized as possible. I regularly try to clean out my "downloads" folder...I don't know why, but I just can't stand to see a huge list in there! I try to delete any school power points that I know I won't need in the future, and put everything else in corresponding folders. I may be a little OCD about this, but I even have folders inside of the main folders, ha! I try to separate documents and pictures into a few main folders such as school, blog, work, and a misc folder for stray things. Within those folders, I will make separate ones for projects or a one for a certain blogpost that I have a lot of pictures for. Keeping everything organized makes it so much easier to locate files, which can be extremely frustrating at times!

* make use of the "stickies" app

Okay I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE this app! So many of my friends who have MacBooks didn't even know about this little app so I thought I would share! I found it when I was just looking around on the Launchpad in the "others" folder. Seriously where have these been all my life?? I permanently keep three different colored stickies on the side of screen and they are so helpful! The first one contains a to-do list that I am constantly updating, the second with a detailed schedule of every day of the current week, and the third holds info for my two side jobs. You can change the colors and the font and make them as big or small as needed. Life changer.

What are some of your spring cleaning tips?

XO, Raquel

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