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With school starting in just a week, I now have sorority recruitment on my mind! With that comes a lot of planning and quite a bit of stress. Over the years I have found that being as prepared as possible makes the whole process a lot easier. Eating well, getting lots of sleep, and mentally preparing are definitely necessary! But I also like to make sure that I have a few essentials on hand during the actual events to make sure I am feeling as comfortable and confident as possible! Here are a few of my must haves...



1. SETTING POWDER - my HD powder is my daily lifesaver. My face tends to get oily throughout the day so having powder on hand to control the shine is always helpful. We also always take tons of pictures during the whole week so I always want my face to be looking matte!

2. CLEAR NAIL POLISH - this may seem like an odd thing to bring, but it comes in handy if anyone is wearing tights or nylons! I know that tights can get ripped or run super easily and putting some clear nail polish on the spot will stop it from tearing any further.

3. NEUTRAL LIPSTICK - while I adore bright and colorful lipstick, sometimes that can be a little hard to maintain, especially if you don't really have time for touch ups. Wearing a neutral lipstick will be so much easier to apply and won't need to be looked after constantly! My favorite is Nude in the City by Rimmel.

4. LOTION - this is always something that is really helpful to have on hand! Of course it is great for dry hands or legs, but it also has another use! My hair and clothes tend to have a lot of static, so running a little lotion through my hair or under my clothes always seems to fix it! This particular one has a very relaxing scent too, perfect for long and stressful days.

5. BLOTTING PAPERS - if powder isn't your thing, or you don't have a mirror to apply it, running a blotting sheet all over your face will help control shine too!

6. DRY SHAMPOO - if anything out of this list, this is one of my number 1 recommendations! This dry shampoo has been a god send and it doesn't make my hair greasy or feel weighed down at all. I also love how much volume and texture it gives my hair...sometimes I even use a little on freshly washed hair!

I am so excited for recruitment again this year and can't wait to shares some photos from the festivities after the big weekend!

XO, Raquel

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