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As I'm sure many of you know by now, especially if you follow me on Instagram, I recently joined the Pure Barre family and can't say enough amazing things about it. Over the last few months I have started to post my PB outfits quite a bit (#livinginworkoutclothes) but haven't really talked much about what exactly Pure Barre can do for you! Today I decided to go a little more in depth about what PB has done for me specifically and a little bit about the workouts. I also wanted to share some tips that have helped me in the last 7 months to stay on track with the workouts!


1. This workout pushes you...and with the teachers there constantly giving you encouragement, it makes everything so worth it. Even though I have gone for 7 months now and definitely gotten stronger, the workouts still challenge me in new ways which I love!

2. You may become addicted...I know I have! There is something about the upbeat, fast paced, and encouraging environment that keeps me coming back each time. I have never found a workout that actually worked and that I love, so I don't ever want to let this one go!

3. You will see results, fast. If you consistently stick with this workout, the results will amaze you! In just a few short weeks I noticed I was getting stronger, able to plank longer, and was more flexible. Now after a few months, I have the beginnings of upper abs, arms that I love, and a very lifted booty, lol.

4. You will get one-on-one help! One of my favorite things about Pure Barre is that the teacher walks around during class, ensuring that everyone is doing the exercise safely and correctly. They also seem to sense that exact moment you feel like giving up, and will always give some verbal encouragement!

5. You will hopefully gain a lot of self confidence! I used to hate working out and actually couldn't stand being in shorts or a bathing suit. I am on the thinner side, but was totally out of shape and had no muscle which was really embarrassing for me! I also hated working out in gyms, so when I found Pure Barre I was so excited for the small group setting. There are women of all ages and builds and it is so encouraging and inspiring to see everyone working their hardest. I am so proud of all the work I have done over the last 7 months and have so many things that I love about my body now! The best part? I am healthier and stronger. 


I have had a lot of people ask me what Pure Barre even is.. so I have a list below of what to expect in each class. I don't know for sure how many minutes each section is, but each class is an hour long! I have also linked the PB website here because they do a way better job of explaining than I do 😉

warmup (consisting of a few very short exercises and a 90 second plank) - arms (consisting of a few mins of triceps and biceps) - arm stretch - thighs (generally consists of three short exercises two longer ones) - thigh stretch - booty (same with thigh, consisting of a few short exercises or two longer ones) - booty stretch - abs (the last of the sections, working upper and lower abs) - end with a bridge and stretching!

In each class you will use a ball, tube, and mat for the end of class. The classes go so quickly (my favorite part!) so I never feel like it's dragging by. The girls also play really fun (and loud!) music so you can really get into what exercise you're doing. My absolute favorite part about PB though is the intimate space and the one-on-one experience you get with the teachers, even though it's in a group setting. The instructors are constantly walking around, making sure that everyone knows how to do the exercises and also ensuring that everyone is being safe and doing the workouts correctly.


* Something I learned very quickly from these workouts is that eating right is key. Obviously that is going to be true for any workout you do, but before I discovered PB, I only had experience with things such as swimming, running, and Zumba. All of these things would give me a stomach cramp if I ate too close to the time I was about to exercise. For me, this has not been the case with Pure Barre. I have found that I need to eat something (usually a banana and peanut butter or a Luna bar) 20-30 minutes before class or I will have zero energy!

* Trying to get on a schedule with the classes was the best thing I did right from the beginning. I took classes farther apart in the beginning because I was pretty out of shape. However, now that I have grown stronger and more used to the workouts, I try to take a class every other day (usually M, W, F and sometimes a weekend class).

* Keep yourself accountable! I always sign up for classes in advance because there is a fee to pay if you don't cancel by a certain amount of time or if you don't show up!

* Find the right workout clothes that you love. Ever since I realized I liked this enough to become a long-term commitment, I started searching for some workout pieces that I really liked. It helps SO much when you love the way you look in the clothes you are sweatin' in!

PS, check out my favorite workout clothes of the moment here.

Have any questions about Pure Barre? Leave them in the comments below!

XO, Raquel

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