after party sale 2017

Hello, hello, hello! I think today is the literal definition of FriYAY because I have some fun news and a really fun post! So, as I'm sure many of you have seen and/or heard, the Lilly sale is next Monday! Has anyone else been stalking their Instagram to see when they were going to post the date?! I'm definitely guilty of checking at least 15 times every day this last week...whoops! Anyway, the wait is over and I am really hoping it's going to be a good one this year. I have a game plan and this might actually be the first year that I'm looking for some specific pieces. I don't really have any patterns in mind, but there are a few silhouettes and items that I would like to add to my collection!

For today's post, I decided that I would go through my short little wish list, and also go over things that I have bought in the past. For me, After Sale Party items always seem like a big risk since I know I can't actually try anything on or return them. So, to help some of you out, I thought today I would post pictures of styles I have bought in the past, what size I got, whether I loved them, and how they fit! So let's get this party started!


Ps, if you are using this for a size guide, I am 5'2 and 118 lbs. I generally wear smalls and sometimes xsmalls. I definitely think Lilly tends to run bigger so make sure to read through all of these if you are unsure what size to order!

Elsa Top

sizing - xs (first photo), xxs (second photo)

material - silk

overall - These shirts definitely run on the more expensive side so I highly suggest grabbing one during the sale if you have been wanting one! I have two now and I love how versatile and transitional they are for the warm and cold months. The cut of these tops are super flattering and I love that the sleeves are fitted at the bottom. These shirts are a little more difficult to wash but they are still pretty easy to take care of. Make sure you get a pattern that you know you'll love and wear because sometimes they are still a little more expensive than other things during the sale! PS, I have both an xs and xxs in this top and I would say they both fit fine, but I did like having a little more flexibility and room in the xs!

Sarasota Tunic 

sizing - xxs

material - rayon

overall - I bought this shirt sort of on a whim (it was one of my first ever sale pieces!) and I still love it. The only downside is that I find that I haven't reached for it as much as my other Lilly pieces. A part of me thinks it may be the color...since the main color is navy blue, it looks a little weird paired with black pants or even jeans. Either way, it's still a really nice top with a cute silhouette! The fit of this definitely threw me off and I'm glad that I ended up ordering the xxs! I would say it still only fits like a regular small. Sometimes with tunics, I find that the best thing to do is look through the comments to see how it fits if you have time during the sale. If you are looking for a piece that will transition nicely into the cooler months, this is a great one. The material is thicker and more tshirt like and would look so cute under a puffer vest!

Bell Sleeve Dress

sizing - xs

material - cotton, linen

overall - This dress is to die for...just look at those bell sleeves! I think the print and colors in this dress are absolutely gorgeous and the fit is perfect. Not too tight and just the right amount of stretch. I also love that this material is more on the casual and comfortable side, but the details (like the sleeves and tassels) make it more fun and dressed up. It's even more adorable in person!

Murfee Scarf

material - cashmere, silk

overall - if you are newer to Lilly or just don't want to spend a lot during the sale, smaller accessories are always a good investment too! I love this super lightweight scarf that I scored a few years ago and it makes a simple outfit SO much more fun.

Halter Tank

sizing - xs (first photo), (m second)

material - silk

overall - I have three of these silk tanks from Lilly and they are all gorgeous. There is something extra delicate and feminine about the material and they look so cute tucked into shorts or with a skirt! I've paired them all with the white skirt below...I love the way the color pops with it. The only downside I would say about them, is that sometimes the silky material makes me feel like I am constantly sweating and gets super clingy or has a lot of static. I've found that tucking them in with a skirt is my favorite way to wear them but overall they aren't the most comfortable tank out there! This year I am really searching for some cotton or polyester ones.

Shift Dress

sizing - 0

material - cotton

overall - Is there anything more "Lilly-esque" than a classic shift dress?! I fell head over heels with this one during last years winter sale before I was heading off to Hawaii. I wore it to the luau we went to and it was so fun and festive! So here are my thoughts on these types of dresses...if you don't have one, they are perfect pieces to have tucked away for a special occasion. I think every Lilly loving girl needs at least one! That being said, depending on where you live or your lifestyle, you may not wear them nearly as much as your other pieces. That has definitely been the case for me, which I am fine with. I've only worn it twice so far, but I don't really go out to fancy dinners or have many occasions to break it out! I still love it so so much though and I'm really happy I scored it when I did. So, if you are in the market for a classic Lilly shift but are worried how much you're going to where it, I would try and make sure you pick out a pattern that fits you to a tee! The fit of this dress is definitely on the tighter side but I think this size is absolutely perfect for me!

Scalloped Shorts

sizing - 0

material - cotton

overall - So, for some reason, finding Lilly shorts that I like has been not the easiest for me! I always find that the lengths or fit or something is off, but I love these scalloped shorts. This is probably the only style of shorts I would get from Lilly and I love the length of them. My only thing is that I definitely should have gone down one more size because they are just a little bit too loose. PS, if you are a little wary of how "loud" Lilly prints are, shorts are a great way to go because you can break up the pattern by adding a neutral top like I did below. My other tip is to chose wisely when it comes to want to make sure you will actually have tops to match! I like this pattern a lot because there's a large array of colors but the background is still predominantly white.

Luxletic Serena Jacket

sizing - xs

material -nylon, spandex

overall - Ahhhhh this jacket, probably my most favorite and most worn piece of Lilly I have ever bought! I scored this jacket during the last sale and wow, am I glad that I did. First of all, the material of this jacket is nothing short of glorious. It's super form-fitting, but not in an uncomfortable way, and it is so soft. I love anything that has a little spandex in it and this jacket is no exception. I've washed and dried this like normal so many times and it's absolutely perfect still. I wear this jacket at least 2 times each week and it's the best! If you buy anything this sale, it has to include some me!


sizing - xs

material - polyester

overall - I just bought this not too long ago but I can already say that I don't like it as much as my other pieces. I'm not sure if the fit is a little off or what but I don't reach for it as much as the others. It's still super cute, but again, it's more of that silky material which isn't my favorite! I am hoping to get more wear out of this soon before it gets too cold, because how cute is that pattern!?

Tote Bag

overall - You can never go wrong with a Lilly tote bag! I purchased this during one of my first ever Lilly sales and I still adore it! It has been the perfect size and I've carried it to school so many times. This is one thing I would recommend trying to get your hands on because Lilly totes are super expensive otherwise. The inside is really easy to wipe down and they are so cute to bring to school in place of a backpack. So many different uses bag, beach bag, overnight bag, you name it!

Luxletic Leggings

sizing - s

material - polyester, spandex

overall - I lovelovelove these pants! I actually received these as a present and wow are they good. As most of you may know, I work out at Pure Barre so the only thing I wear is leggings! Having nice quality leggings for barre is really important so this has become one of my favorite pairs. The quality of the material is out of this world...they are so thick and don't slide around at all. I have also washed and dried these many times and they are still in perfect condition. As you read above, I am definitely keeping my eye out for Luxletic items this sale because I am so obsessed with these pants and I am hoping to score another pair! Even if you don't buy a pair during the sale, these pants are definitely worth the price tag and a try on.

Tank Dress

sizing - xs

material - silk, polyester

overall - This dress is one of my favorites because of the silhouette. I don't know what exactly it would be classified as, but to me it fits like a shift. I was so drawn to this one because of the gold flecking throughout the pretty in person. This dress is so easy and comfortable and doesn't require a bra! Yay! I love that the material is super toned down compared to other pieces, but something about it still screams Lilly. It can also be dressed up or down, so cute with wedges, or worn with sandals below like I am!

Tshirt Dress

sizing - xs

material - cotton, linen

overall - Out of all my Lilly dresses, this is my absolute favorite one for many reasons. First of all that neckline?! Look at those pompoms! The fit and cut of this dress are so flattering and I always feel so good and comfortable when I'm wearing it. Another thing I love is the material. It's got more of that T-shirt feel but can still be worn with heels or wedges for a fancier occasion. Jeff once told me he liked this dress because I looked like a 70s girl lol. I am definitely looking to add more of these softer dresses to my collection!

Swing Dress

sizing - xs

material - polyester

overall - I definitely would've gone down a size in this dress if possible (I got it on sale and there was only 1 size) as it is a little bit too big. But seeing as it's a swing dress anyway, I really don't mind it too much! This has been one of my most worn Lilly dresses ever and I love how easy it is to style and throw on! I personally love the way swing dresses look so this was a no brainer for me. Another plus? I've found that I can go braless in this which I absolutely LOVE! The material of this dress is also super easy to clean and can be put in the washer and dryer.




luxletic pieces


long sleeve tshirt dress


buttercup shorts


tshirt tank


Whew! That was a long one...what are your favorite Lilly pieces? I would also love to know what you guys are hoping to score from the sale! Head over to my Instagram next Monday and keep a lookout because I will be doing an Instagram story about everything I end up ordering! Happy weekend and happy shopping!

xo, Raquel


wes anderson gallery wall

Happy Wednesday everyone! For some reason the last few weeks have been going by so quickly...I can't believe this work week is already half way over! Something even crazier? A week from today I will be starting school again, eek! You can read more about that here in the life update post I did on Monday. If you already checked that post out, then you know that I touched a little on moving out this Fall. I can barely even contain my excitement and have been looking at decor nonstop! So for today's post, I wanted to give you all a little insight into one of the projects that we are hoping to have in our living room - a Wes Anderson gallery wall! Yep, basically my life's dream.

If you are currently reading this and wondering who the heck Wes Anderson is, you need to get yourself in front of the tv and watch his movies! They are honestly masterpieces in my opinion and seriously some of my favorite movies of all time. Jeff first introduced me to Moonrise Kingdom (start with this movie if you are a newbie!) a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. There are so many things that I love about his movies but I will just name a few 😉 1) his aesthetic...everything is so detailed and so well thought out from the script down to the outfits and color fact, the mom in Moonrise Kingdom wears vintage Lilly Pulitzer throughout the whole movie! 2) the movies focus on the characters and their development and personalities rather than a big plot 3) they are super quirky and refreshing, definitely unlike any other movies I have seen before!

So, as Jeff and I both love Wes Anderson, I had an idea to fill up our living room wall with artwork from our favorite movies. Our current plan is to have everything super neutral (think white couch and black/brown furniture) so I knew that having an extremely colorful gallery wall would be awesome! Jeff and I started looking through some prints on Etsy and so far this is what I have come up with. I knew I wanted everything centered around The Grand Budapest Hotel print and everything else just kind of fell together. I actually found the Sam and Suzy duo first and that's where the idea sparked! I'm not sure if these are all the exact prints we will use, but I love the idea so so much. It's going to be such a unique statement and I freaking adore that it's something that represents films that we both love and enjoy.

All these prints are from Etsy and I have tagged them in order below!

moonrise kingdom // grand budapest hotel // life aquatic

fantastic mr. fox // the darjeeling limited // the royal tenenbaums

I can't wait to keep posting inspiration board and ideas about decor in the next few months and would love to know if you guys would be interested in seeing that kind of stuff! PS, has anyone heard about the new Wes Anderson film coming out?! There hasn't been much information on it yet but I do know that it's going to be animated and about so not much to go on but I can't wait! PPS, his soundtracks are amazing to listen to when you want calming music...perfect for school coming up. Some of my favorites are "Mr. Moustafa" (Grand Budapest), "Le temps de l'amour" (Moonrise Kingdom), and "Op.7 Cuckoo!" (Moonrise Kingdom). Ok, I'm really done raving about him now,

xo, Raquel