let’s talk undies..

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Let's talk undies. Not exactly the most glamorous topic, but let's face it, we all have to deal with them! I want to start off by saying, I am not a girl to sacrifice style for comfort...maybe for an amazing pair of heels, but with underwear that I'm going to be wearing all day? Nope. I'm all for cute patterns, lace, and color, but I still want to feel like I can take on anything during the day without constantly thinking about how bad I just want to go home and change!

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Finding underwear that make you feel confident and comfy isn't always the easiest feat, at least in my experience! So today I'm showing you all the pairs that I am currently loving...

1. The Laced Back Panty - okay seriously this style is a lifesaver. I am just going to put this out there...I am not a lover of thongs. Anyone else with me? The comfort level is absolutely non-existent for me. However, there are some outfits that definitely require them! Solution? These bad boys. Since there is thin lacing on the edges, you don't those awkward underwear lines that we all dread...

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2. The Classic Nude - every girl should have at least four to five pairs in her wardrobe! I don't know if I just wear an alarming amount of white, but I am always needing nude underwear. I like to have a different variety of styles to ensure that they work with whatever outfit I am wearing that day...white jeans, shorts, a dress or skirt, you name it! This pair is my favorite.

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3. The Hipster - AKA the best underwear when wearing jeans or shorts. The combination of tightness, low rise, and harsh materials of most pants and shorts can make finding the perfect pair of undies really difficult. I like that this pair is a little lower for that reason, but they also cover a good portion so uncomfortable material isn't rubbing against your skin all day!

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4. The Matching Set - this may just be me, but do you ever feel like you just have your whole entire life (or at least your day) together when your bra and underwear match? Probably just me...but regardless, sometimes it's just nice to feel like you have it all together! I love this pair because it goes perfectly with a plane black or blush bra!

Photo Jul 02, 2 45 27 AM

5. The Fave Pair - this particular style by Candie's is my absolute dream pair of undies. I think we all have a favorite pair that is reached for a lot...this one is mine! It's a Hipster style, but the best part is that the material is made up of Nylon and Spandex, which is the most comfortable duo on the earth, trust me. They are so silky and seriously one of the softest pairs I own....not to mention, freaking cute!


I brought all these pairs with me on my trip to Paris and I was so comfy, even with days full of sightseeing and walking around! A+ in my book! PS, Kohls is also having their Total Semi Annual Event (8/5-8/22) where you can receive $10 off $40 of your intimates purchase with the code INTIMATES10. This code is valid until August 17th, so get your panty on!

XO, Raquel

Thank you Kohls for sponsoring this post!

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