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After trying out Ipsy for a few months, I couldn't wait any longer to do a review! After receiving my 4th Ipsy bag this month, I've decided that I had used this subscription service long enough to give my honest opinion. I wanted to break down my previous concerns, a few things that I'm still iffy about, and all the things I love about it!

To start off, I wanted to begin with some of my initial concerns I had about the subscription. For starters, there is a lot of makeup that I just never wear...including eyeshadow, eyeliner, bronzer, and foundation. Which is kind of a lot! So I was nervous that this subscription might be a waste of money for me. However, I decided since it was only $10 that I would give it a shot and see if it was worth it. My second concern was that I didn't want to waste money on sample size products. I've heard a lot about people getting foil packets and perfume testers and stuff like that (mostly in Birchbox) so I definitely wasn't going to continue if those were the products that I was going to receive every month!


1. There is a whole test that you take before you get your first Glam bag so that they have your skin tone, hair + eye color, and your likes and dislikes! This makes it easier for them to pick products for you each month. I also really love that you can review every product that you get each month so that they can do even better next time! So far, there have only been two products that I wasn't completely in love with...I would call that a win!

2. If you're like me, patience is not the easiest thing in the world when it comes to waiting for packages...I just can't help it! When I found out that I could see my glam bag products before they shipped out, of course I looked right away! I'm all for surprises, but when I know something is coming in the mail, I can't wait that long...so being able to see my products ahead of time is so perfect for me.

3. One of my favorite things about this subscription is the array of products that I have received! Some of my favorite items have been a makeup brush cleanser, a Lisa Frank makeup brush (I REPEAT, LISA FRANK!!!), and 2 different liquid lipsticks. Many of the products that I have gotten have also been from brands that I had yet to try or heard of which is always fun!

4. Lastly, and maybe the best pro on this list...the size of all the products. I was nervous that everything I received was going to be either in foil packets, or sample sized, but that hasn't been the case at all! Some of the items I have received have been smaller versions, but I have also gotten huge sheet masks, three full sized makeup brushes and nail polishes, and travel sized hair products which I love!


1. This isn't exactly a con, just something to be aware of! So every month when you get your box, everything comes in a bag, which I have loved 3 out of 4 so far! But that means that you are going to accumulate a lot of makeup bags. I am planning on giving some of mine away because 1) I feel bad throwing them out and 2) a girl only needs so many!

2. Even though you can take a survey about your preferences before you start the subscription, sometimes you are going to get a product that you won't like. I remember in my first glam bag, I received a liquid eyeliner that I know I am probably never going to use.  However, I loved all four of the other products, so for me, it was still worth it! A tip for your next bag...make sure you go back and review the products after you receive them! You can also leave little comments so that the Ipsy team can try to make sure you don't get a specific product again! Awesome, right?

Final thoughts? This subscription is 110% worth it. I have enjoyed and used almost every product that I have received over the last four months. Each time I receive my monthly bag I get even more excited for my next one! I kid you not, I waited until 12 midnight one month to see if the products I would be getting were online...I'm obsessed! And for $10 a month, you really won't find a better deal with such quality products. Let me know in the comments or on Instagram if you would like me to do a monthly post or IG story about the products I received that month!

Have you tried Ipsy? What are your thoughts?? I can't wait to see my June bag!

xo, Raquel

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