instagram roundup

Starting out this Monday with another Instagram roundup! For those of you who are new here, or just haven't seen one of these posts, I periodically gather all my recent IG pics and link all the items in them for all my girls who may not use or follow me on Instagram. The last few weeks have been full of planning for the new school year and some last minute summer shindigs + some pretty big changes! One that I'm about to start next week? Taking Pure Barre! Let me know if any of you take the class because I am totally prepared for it to kick my butt!

Btw, I have discovered some new beauty products that I have been loving and included those in the mix with my normal #ootds! Thumbs up for finding products that are freaking awesome...


Photo Jul 27, 4 41 22 PM

Photo Aug 08, 11 35 47 AM
Photo Jul 02, 2 41 29 AM (1) (1)
Photo Aug 03, 4 47 11 PM
Photo Aug 05, 8 13 17 PM
Photo Aug 07, 2 07 09 PM
Photo Aug 08, 4 38 04 PM
Photo Jul 31, 7 27 46 PM

PS, I am going gluten free for three weeks starting today and would love to know if any of you have suggestions of really good snacks or brands to try while I am doing this. I would love to hear any recommendations! I also wanted to include that with school being just around the corner, I have my back to school must-haves linked in my right sidebar (or below if you are on an iPhone) and a school tips and tricks post here. Bring on the cute backpacks and Fall weather!

XO, Raquel

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