how to make a gallery wall you’ll love

Hello there! Today's post is an extra fun one because it involves one of my favorite things ever...decorating! Ever since I discovered Pinterest, I have absolutely adored looking at how other people decorate their homes and getting inspiration from them. Personally, I don't have my own house or apartment yet, so being able to decorate my room, even just a little bit, is something I enjoy immensely. You can definitely catch me at Michaels and HomeGoods stocking up on accessories for my future living space 😉 a girl can never be too prepared!

Today's post is all about gallery walls and the first steps to designing one that will make your heart happy! I actually did a post on this a few years ago when I first made this wall, however it wasn't very detailed so I decided to make another! I also have recently become extremely obsessed (infatuated, charmed, enamored...the works) with Wes Anderson and his films. Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel are my current faves, but Jeff and I are working through all the films in order right now! This obsession is actually what fueled this post because the next gallery wall I am dreaming up is going to feature artwork and prints from each of his movies! Check out my favorite prints on Etsy here, here, and here. So stinking cute! PS, if you haven't watched any of his films, put them on your list and then tell me your thoughts because I love talking about them!

1. Get inspiration + do research - the first thing I did before I made my gallery wall was scroll through Pinterest and see the different styles. This really helped me make a game plan and weed out the things I know I definitely did not want to do. I am a person that loves to get inspiration from other creative people, so going through the home section of Pinterest is something that I absolutely love doing. Sometimes it can be very difficult to get a project going, so getting some inspiration and new thoughts/ideas from another source is a great way to get it jumpstarted!

2. Find your "main" piece - this step is definitely what formed the entirety of my gallery wall. I knew that I wanted that picture of Jeff and I in the center and everything else stemmed from that. I loved those white frames that I found at HomeGoods and that the picture was in black and white. Since I knew what my main piece was, I decided from there that I wanted any other photographs to be black & white but all the prints to be really colorful. With the Wes Anderson wall, I absolutely fell in love with this print from Etsy and know that I want it to be the focal point. I think the shape and style is perfect to act as the main piece, so when I was looking for the other prints, I kept that big one in mind when choosing what would go around it.

3. Generate a theme - for my blue and pink wall I definitely pulled inspiration from the colors that were already in my room. This wall goes along with my pillows and other decor and I love how it turned out! I think that because I kept the photos neutral, and only had a few small pops of color, it's not too crazy against my blue walls. Not everything matches perfectly, but all the pieces go together. I also tried not to rush this process because I wanted to make sure that I absolutely loved each piece. Everything on the wall besides the main photo (and quote canvas) were random finds! Not every gallery wall is going to have an obvious theme right away (like my Wes Anderson wall) so sometimes it helps just to come up with a general color scheme or patterns, like having all photos black and white, etc.

4. Make practice layouts - this is something that helped me so much when I was designing my wall. Gallery walls can be overwhelming to even think about sometimes because they usually serve as a focal point in the room that they're in! So practicing and moving things around can definitely get your creative juices flowing! Bringing in someone else can also be a helpful tip because it is very easy to get stuck in a design/creative rut when looking at the same thing for a long time. If you have your frames or prints ready, setting these on the ground and arranging them in different patterns is a great way to see what the whole thing will look like before you hang everything up! If you only have the sizes or general shape of what you want, use some painters tape to make pretend frames or shapes to get a better idea and flow of what you want!

5. Mix and match -  making a gallery wall should be a really fun and creative process, so don't get too concerned or upset if things aren't working out right away! Use the tips above to make the process as easy as possible. One thing I always try to keep in mind, is that everything doesn't have to match perfectly. It's okay to throw around color and texture and see which metals and hues mesh well together! One of my favorite parts of this wall is the different frames and materials...I think it gives it a lot of character and makes it unique because it is completely my style! Overall, just have fun with it!

PS, thinking about starting your own gallery wall in the near future? Pin the first image so you can always come back to this post when you decide to start!

xo, Raquel

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