graduation day + favorite college memories!

Yesterday I graduated from Wayne State University and I am still having such a whirlwind of emotions! Sadness over the fact that I won't being seeing my DZ girls every Tuesday night for meeting, relief when I keep realizing I will never have to pay tuition again or ever do another group project that's worth half my grade, and nervousness for the future. But overall, happiness that I made so many memories and friendships over the last five years. I am so, so thrilled that I was able to sit next to some of my best friends during our ceremony (hi Taylor and Alex, yay for no alphabetical order!) and also have not only my family, but my boyfriend and Little there too!


These won't mean anything to most of you, but for all my girls at school, thanks for making it the best time!

1. Meeting my now boyfriend for the first time and when he asked for my number

2. Receiving the call that Claire was going to be my little

3. Delta Zeta senior ceremony

4. Finding out I received a bid from Delta Zeta

5. When I passed accounting (still cringing over those projects)

6. When Mira did her little happy feet dance before meeting

7. The whole entire time that Paige was my Philanthropy Assistant

8. Meeting Claire for the first time and realizing we were soulmates because we had the same level of appreciation for donuts

9. Big/Little reveal and after when Claire gave me my little mermaid paddle

10. Going to Peru with all my Delta Zeta girls and to Paris with Claire

What's next you might wonder? On the job front I am going to keep up with my freelance social media work until I find a permanent marketing job. Even more exciting though...Jeff and I are heading to Chicago tomorrow for a mini vacation and I couldn't be more excited! We have been waiting for this trip for weeks and I can't believe that its finally here! Keep a lookout on the blog tomorrow for my packing list...think lots of pink and denim 😉


Get my dress here...under $25!


xo, Raquel

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