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Ever since I found out that I needed glasses my sophomore year of high school, I have been a little obsessed with finding the perfect pair of frames. Glasses aren't always the easiest of accessories, so finding a pair that fits perfectly is always my goal! Over the years I have found what colors, frames, and shapes work for me and so now choosing glasses is always something that is so fun!

I have always been a tortoise girl, so when I saw this pair from Glasses USA I was instantly attracted to them. I adore the slight cat eye- like quality and I think the little amounts of magenta are so fun! Normally I wouldn't go for any color on my frames, but something about this pair gave off some Kate Spade vibes for me...which of course I loved! These glasses fit like a dream and I have gotten so many compliments on them! This specific pair is called the Amelia E. Karenina and they come in pink and green also, so cute! I have been wearing these glasses nonstop since I received them, like seriously NONSTOP. They are just so fun!

The best part? You can just send over your prescription and voila! Glasses sent straight to your house! So easy, right?? What are your favorite types of glasses?

Thank you, Glasses USA for contributing to this fun post! 

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