french glow: summer makeup

As I was packing for my trip to France a few weeks ago, I tried to keep my makeup fresh and light, especially for long days of walking around in the heat! I am so relieved that I decided to only use the essentials, because most Frenchwomen don't seem to wear anything at all! Except for maybe a little pop of color on the lips...can any girl resist that?

Photo Jun 12, 10 47 31 PM (1)

While at first, during the trip, I tended to wear all my usuals (BB cream, powder, blush, etc) towards the end I was going barefaced except for mascara and a lippie! It was so refreshing to not have tons of makeup on! Here are the essentials that came with me...


PS, the first lipstick above is the one that I wore 90% of my trip! It is the perfect nude, my-lips-but-better color!

XO, Raquel

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