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When my Little and I were planning our trip to France, we always had Disneyland Paris stuck in the back of our minds. While it wasn't exactly our first priority, we both really wanted to see what it was like, because duh, it's Disneyland Paris of course! Although most of the reviews we read online weren't very good, we were still intrigued and interested in going. 

It just so happened that we had a few days that were unplanned, and the Disney tickets were really inexpensive compared to tickets for the U.S. parks. We ended up buying a pass that didn't need a specific day of attendance, but instead had a range of dates that you could attend in. We were able to go to both of the parks, and I have to say, it was one of our best days of the entire trip. Disneyland Paris by far exceeded my expectations and put all the bad reviews to shame! Since I loved Disneyland Paris so much, I wanted to give some tips and tricks on how to save money there and a guide on which attractions I thought were worth our time! 

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While I absolutely love Disney and usually trust reviews on which rides are worth the line, sometimes they don't turn out that way! I wanted to give my input on which were my absolute faves, and which to pass on. 

ratatouille - this was by far my favorite ride! This ride is not in the main park, it's actually located in the Walt Disney Studios Park, and is computer simulated to look like you are Remy, running around a busy kitchen floor. The ride seemed so realistic, and we even got splashed with a little "champagne" at one point! This ride is perfect for all ages too, no crazy twists and turns.

space mountain - while I have never been on this ride in the States, my Little said that it was very different from the original! I get motion sickness on rides that go up and down or upside down a lot and this ride was a little much for me. While it was a cool experience (it looks like you're in space!) it did go upside down quite a bit which made me a little queasy!

buzz lightyear laser blast - I have always liked rides where you have to shoot with a laser so this was a super fun and relaxing ride! You ride in a car with another person and are also able to turn your car in different directions to shoot the targets!

indiana jones - we were definitely both excited for this ride because the music and scenery hypes it up so much! However the wait is extremely long, with the actual ride being extremely short. There were a few twists and turns but overall, not worth it for us!

peter pan's flight - definitely mixed opinions about this ride. While the actual ride is very cute, (you are in a little ship cruising through scenes of the movie) the wait was kind of insane. If you are taking little ones and they love the movie then the wait might be worth it. However we waited forever and the ride goes extremely slow and is pretty short. We were glad in the end that we went on it, but if done over, wouldn't wait again.

tower of terror - this was by far the worst ride, for me, the entire day. The wait was not the problem, it actually went pretty quickly, but the ride itself was horrible for me! Having never been on it before, I didn't really know what to expect. If you have motion sickness, do not go on this ride! I did feel a little weird on space mountain from the constant spirals, but this ride just goes straight up and down really quickly like an elevator. The whole time I had to keep my eyes closed and a hand over my mouth because I thought I was going to be sick! Definitely not a ride for anyone who easily gets an upset stomach. But, I do love the movie it's based off of so the decorations and video were pretty cool to see!

crush's coaster - my Little and I heard this was one of the best rides at Disney, and I'm guessing other people thought so too, with almost an 80 minute wait in line! While I did like the ride, it was like a mini roller coaster with not too many spirals, it wasn't really what I thought it would be. I was hoping it would be an underwater type ride with lots of colors and fish scenes, but after about 5 seconds into the ride, everything goes completely dark and stays that way until the end! Not what we were expecting, but still a fun ride nonetheless.

rock 'n' roller coaster - my Little really wanted to go on this ride and the line was pretty short, only a 15 minute wait! It is the Aerosmith roller coaster where they play music during the ride. Here is a direct quote from Claire, because she is apparently now a professional roller coaster critic...."it had solid turns and loops and fun strobe lights"! I thought this ride was pretty fun, it was over quickly, and you shot off really fast in the beginning which was pretty thrilling. Overall I would say that if the line isn't horrific, go for it!

PS, while we were at Disney, some of the rides were under construction. That's why some popular ones weren't included in this guide, such as Big Thunder Mountain and Star Wars!

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transportation - 100% take the RER if you can because most tickets are only 7.60 in euros. The ride isn't too long and there are generally enough seats to sit down if you get on quick enough! It also drops you off directly in front of Disney so you don't have to walk more than 5 minutes or take another shuttle.

food - try to bring some snacks and definitely your own water bottle if you can. The food there is pretty expensive (which is to be expected at any Disney park) but you can save a lot if you don't spend all your money on dining there. One water bottle was almost 5 euros so try to bring your own if you can in a backpack or purse.

tickets - picking a day, or smaller range of dates, for when you plan on going to the parks will make your ticket cheaper! Another way to lower the price is to only go to one park instead of both, but in my opinion they are both worth it! This is the ticket that we bought: Special MAGIC ticket 1 Day/ 2 Parks.

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early bird - try to get there before open or right around that time so you can get through security quickly and get to all your favorite rides first!

fast pass - make use of the fast passes and do a little research on what lines you think will take the longest! From our experience they were Ratatouille, Crush's Coaster, and Peter Pan.

comfort - I'm not one to wear running shorts and tennis shoes to a place like Disney, but I'm also not trying to be miserable for the sake of fashion either! Wear shoes you know you won't get blisters in, I prefer espadrilles, and bring blister bandaids just in case they do form. I also brought along a backpack to Disney and it was so nice not having a huge knot in my shoulder from carrying a purse!

souvenirs - try to set a money limit for yourself on how much you want to spend at Disney overall, including souvenirs and food! It can get so hard not to get wrapped up in all the cuteness that is Disneyland Paris! Trust me.

fireworks - although fireworks at Disney sound amazing, we actually decided to leave before they happened and I am so glad we did. We completely skipped the madness of everyone leaving and were able to get seats on the RER back home for the 40 min ride. I would say if you are dead set on seeing them, definitely leave before they end so you don't get stuck in a horrible crowd!

Overall we absolutely and utterly adored Disneyland Paris. The parks were the perfect size (we went through both parks in one day and felt like we saw everything we wanted to) and in walking distance from each other. Everything was absolutely magical, the staff were wonderful (even asked about our stay in Paris) and our day was nothing short of magical! Hoping to go again in the future!

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