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I have to say, this post is kind of a really big deal for me. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, follow my Instagram, or just know me in person, you may be aware that sleep has been a big issue for me for quite a while now. Ever since my sophomore year of highschool I have had pretty bad insomnia, which for me, meant sometimes not being able to fall asleep for 1-3 hours or just not sleeping the whole night at all. I have tried it all...deep breathing, yoga, reading before bed, routines, yet nothing seemed to help. Over the years (I am now in my 5th and final year in college) my nights have gotten increasingly worse as I get busier, and in turn, get more stressed out.

So, the reason I wanted to make this post today is because for the last month, I have never slept better in my whole entire life. I am falling asleep within anywhere from 10-20 minutes and am not nearly as restless as I was before. The magic? Olly Vitamins...

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Even though this post is meant to be mostly about the sleep vitamins I've been taking, I still wanted to include the others I have started using as well to improve my overall health. I love this brand so much that I went back and got more!

RESTFUL SLEEP - This has seriously been a lifesaver and I have never slept this good, for such a consecutive amount of time! I take two, a half an hour before bed, and it gradually just calms me down and gets me ready for bed. I have really bad anxiety at night and I haven't even been feeling anxious or stressed whatsoever. You can take these whenever necessary, but I have just been taking them every night. These work wonders and I can't imagine not taking them anymore! The best part? All the ingredients are completely natural.

UNDENIABLE BEAUTY - I started taking these hair, skin, and nails vitamins because I have relatively thin hair and very mild acne. I love the way these ones taste, they're my fave!

SIMPLY FIBER - Need I say more? I just wanted to add a little more fiber to my diet, and these ones taste like green apples!

SUPER FOODS MULTI - I just recently started taking this multi vitamin. They have a regular multi and a super food multi, which is what I ended up choosing because there are so many good things inside such as elderberry and beets!

THE MEGA OMEGA 3 - I absolutely hate fish and most seafood in general so I decided to take this vitamin to ensure that I am still getting fish oil and the healthy fats from them!

TOTALLY CALM - This is not an every day vitamin, just one that you take whenever you feel necessary. They are to help calm nerves or anxiety.

I have been absolutely loving the results from these vitamins and definitely urge anyone who suffers from sleep anxiety or insomnia to give these a try. My other vitamin choices were just based on what I thought would be the most beneficial for my body, but Olly has tons of different kinds for everyone's needs. Let me know in the comments if you end up trying any!

PS, this post is not in any way sponsored! I found Olly on my own and just truly love the products!

XO, Raquel

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