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I am officially on my way to my dream destination, with a long day of flying ahead of me! So, today I thought I would share what I am wearing in the airport and some tips for picking out the perfect outfit!




1. We rented an apartment for our trip, which happens to not come with an iron! I am extremely OCD about my clothes being straight and not wrinkled! When picking out my airport outfit, I decided to go with something that would be super comfy, but would also help with this. The dress I am wearing on the plane gets wrinkled so quickly, so I decided to wear it on the flight, as opposed to having it rolled in my suitcase! I have never been one to love wearing jeans or pants on a plane anyways, so this was a win-win!

2. I am bringing my trench on the plane (my coat for the trip) for two reasons. The first is that it usually can be very cold on a plane, so it's nice to have a little jacket to throw on or use as a blanket! This jacket is also quite heavy so that's another thing I don't have to worry about weighing down my suitcase!

3. I chose my favorite sandals to wear on the plane because they are so breathable and comfy! These sandals go with so many outfits, bonus!

4. While I don't plan on wearing my hat on the actual plane ride, I decided to throw it in my tote bag so that it doesn't get crushed in my checked luggage! It's also nice to have a hat to throw on after an 8+ hour plane ride when landing!

5. My layered pendant necklace is also coming with me on the plane ride because this necklace is horrible to get untangled! I absolutely love the way it looks on, so I just decided to wear it so that I won't have to do with untangling when I get there!

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XO, Raquel

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