a little french update…

With my trip to France coming up in less than a week (WHAT) I wanted to give a little update on what you can expect on my blog and social media platforms while I am gone! I want everyone to see my pictures and be able to shop all the outfits I post with ease, so here is a little info on how to make sure you don't miss out on anything!

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Blog: I will be posting on my blog Mon-Fri just like I normally do. I hope to start posts from France a few days after we arrive, so towards the end of next week!

InstagramTo stay up to date and see a bunch of fun photos (food, fashion, scenic views), make sure you check out my IG. I will be posting several times a day, cause let's face it, this is France we are talking about! If you want to make sure you always see my photos, turn on your post notifications for my account! Here is how to do that:

 - Go to my Instagram account (@simplyraquelcollette)

- Click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner

- Click "turn on post notifications" and Voila!

Snapchat: I don't normally post on snapchat for my blog, but I couldn't resist seizing the opportunity to share more about my trip! If you would like to see all of our "behind-the-scenes" in Paris, follow me at raquelhiltz

FacebookI try to always make a post about what's on my blog for the day, so if you are curious, you can follow my FB page!

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I will be posting at 7AM like I normally do Mon-Fri on my blog. If you want to get an email sent to you every time I post so you don't miss any, you can follow my blog on BlogLovin! All other platforms will most likely have several posts a day!

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I spent so much time packing and curating the perfect outfits for my trip, and I am adoring the color scheme and pieces that I am bringing with me! I want you all to be able to easily shop everything I post about, so here are a few ways you can get your hands on anything in my pictures...

- Signing up for Liketoknow.it which is an awesome tool to shop Instagram posts! Every time I post a picture that has the phrase "shop here" or has a ltk URL, that means the post is shopable! When you sign up for LTK, you will get an email sent to you with all the details of everything in the picture that you "liked". Talk about easy peasy!

- I always include a "Shop the Post" on my blogposts whenever I am wearing something that I have found links for. Whenever you see that header on my blog with pictures under it, you can click on them to directly shop! Try practicing with my 4th of July inspiration board here.

I am so excited for this trip and want to utilize my blog as a sort of travel diary when I am gone. Sharing my outfits (of course) but also the food, the city, and the experiences I have! Cheers to a new adventure...

XO, Raquel

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