5 tips to get ready for school

With a new school year just around the corner, I have been getting in the zone for new classes and some cooler weather! I have found that the best way to transition from summer to school, is to prepare as much as possible. Whether you are starting your Freshman year of high-school, or your Senior year of college, these little tricks will help you kick-start the year in a positive direction before it even begins! Here are my tips for getting ready for a new school year...

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I have always been a huge believer of agendas! Since high-school, I have taken my planning and organizing very seriously, and it has helped me keep track of everything that is going on. Between homework assignments, DZ meetings, workout schedules, and blogposts, my schedule can get a little hectic and definitely hard to keep track of. I chose a Ban.do agenda last year and fell so in love with the bright and fun details that I decided to buy another one (the floral one below) this year! I color code my planner and use the monthly section to write every single event (tests and due dates, social events, date nights) that are happening throughout the month. I tend to use the weekly sections for to do lists and reminders. My best tip? Buy lots of cute stickers and make your agenda is fun as possible! It can be really stressful seeing a full calendar or a long to do list so having a planner that you love is essential!


This has always been by far the hardest part of starting a new school year in high-school for me. I'm a little used to waking up early now, and I babysit in the mornings in the summer anyways, so it won't be a big change. But when you're used to staying up late in the summer and waking up whenever, getting up for class can be a huge struggle. Especially if you aren't a morning person, like myself. In order to combat this issue, and some really bad eye bags, I would start trying to wake up earlier and earlier each week leading up to school! Plus, that just means more time being spent doing fun summery things instead of sleeping, yay!


I generally find it pretty helpful to print out my syllabus for each class and try to read through it to before the actual class starts. It's always helpful to be prepared for a class ahead of time and sometimes, you may even need to do a short assignment for the first class! Preparing beforehand can also cut down the overwhelming amount of stress that comes with starting all new classes.


Making a schedule for yourself can really help transition into a new school year! I've been figuring out my work, class, and Delta Zeta schedules so I know when I have free time and when I can schedule workout classes. Writing down a tentative schedule is helping me get a feel for what the school year is going to be like and makes me feel more prepared for what's coming overall. Btw, I have been looking at Pure Barre classes to take during the week and I am getting really excited, and also kind of nervous! The workouts look pretty intense but I love taking group classes and enjoy anything involving ballet aspects. Has anyone else taken Pure Barre, and do you enjoy it? I would love to hear below!


This is probably the most enjoyable and exciting part about getting ready for a new school year! I have been getting myself ready for Fall by taking advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You can see my faves here, here, and here or in my sidebar under #nsale picks. I am getting so excited for the colder weather and have been mixing and matching to make some fun school outfits! PS, let me know in the comments if you would like to see a post about what my school wardrobe essentials are!

XO, Raquel

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