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Happy Monday! Today's post is a little bit different than normal but I really loved making it! I decided to make a little list of 10 random facts about myself. I wanted to use today's post as a way to introduce myself a little bit more to new followers and connect better with followers that I have had for a while! I always see bloggers doing these posts and I absolutely LOVE reading more about the things that make up their lives and get to know them a little better. So here we go...

1. My current obsession is Wes Anderson. I am completely smitten with him, sorry Jeff 😉 His aesthetic, character dialogue, and film soundtracks are EVERYTHING.

2. Jeff and I met in a statistics class. He talked to me in the hallway one day and the next week I asked him to come sit with me. I haven't stopped thinking about him from that moment on. I'm telling ya, it was the beard! We will be going on three years this December!

3. I have many close friends that I am thankful for but I have two best friends who are the lights of my life and whom I trust more than anyone. I have known one for over 15 years, and the other for 2, and they are both my soulmates!

4. My dream has always been to go to Paris. Last summer I went to Paris with my best friend so now my two new dreams are 1) go to Paris with my Jeff 2) stay at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac because it looks like it came straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Told you I'm obsessed!

5. I am seriously infatuated and fascinated by zodiac signs. I absolutely love them and get so engrossed reading about my own and other people's! Jeff and I actually have the same sign (Aquarius) and I always think it's funny because there are some traits that completely describe me but not Jeff and vice versa.

6. When I was younger I absolutely hated reading, which I always laugh about now because it's one of my absolute things to do. The first book that I fell in love with was The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall which my uncle gave me for my birthday when I was in 5th grade. Reading has become a grand love affair ever since. My favorite book of all time is The Kite Runner...seriously, I've read it 8 times.

7. I am one of those people who gets obsessed with a song/album and will play it on repeat for weeks. I have currently been listening to the soundtrack of The Grand Budapest Hotel in my car for 3 weeks...it's just so good!

8. My favorite Disney movie of all time is The Little Mermaid and my favorite Disney song of all time is "Part of Your World". I introduced this movie to the little girl that I babysit for, and one of my favorite things ever is watching it and singing that song together.

9. My favorite girl name of all time is Poppy. Totally eccentric, totally a name I would pick. I first fell in love with it because of Poppy Delevingne.

10. I bought my first Lilly dress in 2014. It was on the sale rack at my local Lilly boutique and it was 3 sizes too big for me. I loved it so much that I bought it anyway and had it tailored. It's still one of my favorites.

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xo, Raquel


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