Valentine’s Day Inspiration!

Happy February 2nd friends! February is my absolute favorite month of the year and I am so excited that it has finally arrived! I am even more excited this year than usual, because this is my first February in an apartment with Jeff! Eek! I love February for so many many birthdays (mine, Jeff's, one of my best friend's to mention a few!), so many hearts + pink, and of course, Valentine's Day! I have always loved Valentine's Day my whole life, and now that I get to spend it with my favorite guy, I love it even more! To kick off this month of LOVE I pulled together all of the CUTEST heart/pink/totally V-day worthy products ever....

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* BP mules - I have the second pair (with the silver bar) and I lived in these this last year! Not only are they THE most comfortable shoes ever, but the light pink suede adds such a feminine and classy touch to every outfit! I am dying to get my hands on the bow pair in black!

* Leith pink cardigan - This is a purchase that I snagged during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale back in the summertime, and I have to say, I have worn it an embarrassing amount since then! The color and fit is absolutely perfect (size down) and it is one of those pieces that I find myself reaching for every single week. It's also on sale right now...40% off!

* CoverGirl lipstick - I took a random chance on the Katy Perry CoverGirl lipsticks and they blew me away! I normally don't go for matte lipsticks (I find they are usually so drying and crack throughout the day) but these are super moisturizing and have a satin like finish! My favorite colors are "Sphynx" and "Catoure Tricot-Griffes".

* Hourglass blush - I have never been one to spend money on higher end makeup, but over the years I have become absolutely smitten with Hourglass cosmetics. They make the absolute most gorgeous blushes and highlighters ever and will totally splurge on them every once in a while!

* Kate Spade heart studs - I recently acquired these adorable bling-ed out studs and I think they are so cute and perfect for the month of February! Not to mention...they are rose gold! My fave!

* Old Navy pink moccasins - Because every girl needs a pair of slipper-like shoes that she can wear in public ūüėČ

** J.Crew ruffled bodysuit - I have never in my life thought I would own a bodysuit, but this ruffled one was just too darling that I could not pass it up! I also got it for like $8 or something crazy so I thought I would try it out! The fit is perfect, I ordered a small!

** Who What Wear crossbody (with the scarf) - O.M.G. This purse! I could not believe this was from Target when I saw it! I ordered it immediately and think it is so gorgeous for spring and winter. It also comes in a black and white version too!

** Gray heart pillow - I just cannot resist Valentine's Day decor! I love that since this pillow is gray, it isn't so in your face so that we can have it out all year round. It also looked perfect with our duvet so I knew it was a must...check it out on our bed here.

** Sugarfix double heart necklace -I was recently gifted this little necklace by the Baublebar team and love it so, so much. It is the perfect every day part?! It's only $8!


1. J.Crew flute skirt - I love this classic silhouette and the hot pink color makes it extra fun!

2. Old Navy pink sandals - I think I am going to have to order these bad boys immediately! They look so perfect and comfortable for spring and summer.

3. Forever 21 heart sweatshirt - Because we all need to have that sweatshirt that screams V-day for watching movies, cuddling in, and wearing to sleep!

4. Old Navy joggers - I love a good pair of joggers and I think these pink ones would be perfect for anyone trying to pull together an athleisure look!

5. J.Crew t-shirt - I have always loved J.crew's graphic t-shirts and this one is no cute under cardigans and chambray tops.

I also wanted to let everyone know that to celebrate the best month ever (!!) I am going to be doing #28daysofpink on my Instagram for the whole month of February...check it out here!

xo, Raquel


favorite fall pullover

Can you tell I was excited about this coffee?! I rarely treat myself to it now so when I do, oh man, is it good. Hence it being in every single photo, I could not part with it, ha!

I am so so so excited about today's post! 1) Because this is my first post in about 100 years (school is taking over!) and 2) this sherpa pullover is all kinds of amazing. The weather has recently started to cool down (what was up with those 90s last week?!) and has gotten me so excited for Fall. The leaves turning colors, warm lattes, carving pumpkins, movie nights, and of course, sweater weather! However, with all of that Fall goodness, comes those horribly cold days where you have to walk around campus braving the wind, or standing for hours at the Thanksgiving parade because of a family tradition. Not always the most fun, am I right?

When MarleyLilly reached out to me, I was immediately on another level of obsession with this pullover! I mean seriously, just look at it and tell me you wouldn't wear that every minute of your life in the colder's perfection. The obvious perks...1) it's monogrammed, just yes. 2) it's reversible!!! 3) the material is so beyond soft and warm, talk about uber cozy, and finally 4) the quality is outstanding! All those freezing days that you have to go outside for literally anything...this pullover is going to save your life! I am so excited to wear it on campus to keep me warm and especially to occasions like the parade and ice skating under my coat for extra super thick layer! Plus, it's just adorable. How cute is that plaid peeking out?!

PS, it comes in three different colors and if you are looking to save yourself from the cold months ahead and look super cute while doing it, make sure to grab yourself one soon! Check out all of the color options and patterns, here.

On another note, these are the best jeans EVER. I was searching for a pair of comfy jeans to wear during long classes (imagine sitting in a chair from 1-8pm!) and that had a little bit of stretch to them. I found the perfect pair at Nordstrom for $65, which I think is so reasonable for nice jeans! Since my white jeans that I love are the same brand, I already had a feeling for the quality, so I was absolutely thrilled to find this pair. I think the denim color is absolutely perfect...finding the right wash is always a struggle for me! The best part though? They are so freaking legging level comfort. They slip on so easily and have just the right amount of stretch, without being loose. I also love the little frayed details on the ends. So cute!

shop the look


Who else is ready for some steady Fall weather?! I know I am!

xo, Raquel

Thank you MarleyLilly for sponsoring this post!